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addition fondation info

i want to build and addition onto the back of the house, what all do i need to do, for the fondation since there is just earth outside, can i just put some gravel and pack it down, how thick should the gravel be and then can i pour a slab of concrete with rebar within it, and how thick should i make the slab if that is possible to do so,

Re: addition fondation info

For any addition you'll need a plan and a city building permit. Once you have the permit you can start building, and your assigned building inspector will approve your step by step progress. When finished, he'll issue you a certificate of completion/occupancy.

What that means is that you'll have to follow the building codes, every step of the way, so my advice is don't waste time and money on things that are not to your city building codes. And if you are not familiar with them, contact a general contractor.

Re: addition fondation info

if you have never done this type of renovation yourself i STRONGLY advise you not to try and do it yourself. foundations for additions are best left to professionals. i am a licensed carpenter and have spent most of my career specializing in the renovation sector. ive done over 70 additions and i still scratch my head time to time when doing the ground work for additions.

also, first draw up a sketch of what you want to do to the house plus a floor plan. from there hire a architect to draw up an actual set of plans.. from there you can price up what you want to do and get permits to put an addition on. the drawings must be done to apply for a permit. the city will look at your plans and say yes or no to what you want to do and can advise you on what may need to be revised before going ahead with it

Re: addition fondation info

No you can't pack down gravel and pour a slab. A foundation needs to support the weight of the wall & roof loading it and it needs to go down below frost depth, which is at least 36" in Iowa I bet.
All the previous advise is good, except an architect isn't necessarily required. Any good builder would be able to help with the particulars. If you want to DIY, you have a lot of research to do. Much of the work requires a skill set that takes professionals years to develop.

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