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Addition built with no foundation

I have a 1910 home that was built with no foundation. I'm in the process of refinancing the home and obviously the floor slopes down to the door and the company wants a home inspector to look at this. What would be the remedy for this and what would it cost approximately? Any help is GREATLY appreciate.

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Re: Addition built with no foundation

there are WAY too many variables for anyone here to even begin to answer your question. all i can tell you is that you probably have a few different options. the best advice i can give you is to have an engineer look at it then get several estimates from reputable contractors. i don't think a home inspector can tell you much more than you have have to have an engineer look at it. give us an update after your inspection.

Re: Addition built with no foundation

I agree with MLB, save your money and don't bother with an inspector. Call an engineer, architect or a reputable general contractor. Let them come up with a plan to remedy the situation, a plan that will be approved by the lender.

Your bank is worried about lending on a deficient home. They want to cover their azz, if you default. They want to be able to throw you out and do a quick sale to recover their money, if you default. That's why they want an inspection report, so they can nail someone, if and when this happens.

Re: Addition built with no foundation

This is one time I would definitely want an engineer involved, though a top-flight Contractor can probably handle things decently enough. The problem is that every contractor thinks they are top-flight but very few actually are when it comes to foundation work like this, and you can't tell one from the other unless you know their business better than they do. In which case you wouldn't be here. I know my stuff well, especially concrete and foundations, but I wouldn't touch this without an engineer involved.


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