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Adding shower to tub....what about the tile?

I have added a shower to what was just a tub in our older house. I really like the tile in the bathroom that goes half way up the wall. But with the shower now installed I need to expand the tile upward in the shower/tub. Like I said I like the tile that is already there. Can I just cut out the sheet rock where the tile currently ends, add backer board and then put my choice of coordinating tile up to the shower head? Also how do I deal with the window that is half way over the tub?

Re: Adding shower to tub....what about the tile?

Yes, you can do this, but these are the things to watch:

1. The line where the old cement board (assuming that there is one) and the new one meet will probably be subject to future cracks. Avoiding this will require removing of at least one course of the old tiles.

2. Depending on how thick the wall is where the old tiles are, you will need to create a smooth transition to the new tiles, so that they are plumbed.

3. To finish around the window you'll need to cut tiles and use end pieces to match.

Re: Adding shower to tub....what about the tile?

Thanks dj1,
You are right to assume that there is not backerboard, it is just plaster and what looks like chicken wire. I am afraid if I try to remove a section of the tile it will alter the structure of the rest of the wall. We took down a shower stall in another closet size bath and that is what was behind the tile. It was an awful mess!

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