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Adding redwood deck to concrete slab porch

I have a 8 X 20 covered concrete slab porch and would like to add redwood planks to turn it into a deck.

I have several issues:

1. I only have about 3" clearance between the cement floor and the patio door, so I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to set up bottom framming? in order to properly anchor the redwood planks.

2. The slab cracked kitty-corner, causing a slight slope, maybe 1 to 1 2/2" grade on one side of the porch, which makes it more difficult to set up the framing as I have to compensate for the grade difference in this area.

3. I need to make sure that if any water gets underneath, that it drains out to prevent roth.

I have always wanted a deck, but I am running out of ideas, help!

Re: Adding redwood deck to concrete slab porch


Pressure treated 24's or 2X2's fastened to the concrete with 2X redwood stock as decking would bring you to your 3 inch limit. 5/4 decking lumber would keep you slightly under it. The 2X pressure treated would give you adequate screwing clearance. There are many hidden fastener systems available too. Hidden fasteners would give you a cleaner look, avoiding those hundreds of screw heads showing.

The area that falls off can certainly be shimmed up.

Another idea would to fashion a pattern of floating, removable decking panels. Again, pressure treated lumber would be used to fasten the redwood decking.

Re: Adding redwood deck to concrete slab porch

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