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tim the tool man
adding a porch to the house

hello all

well i would appreciate some help here
i want to add a porch to my house, it has a brick veneer front and i would like to add the porch here.
so my question is what to use to attach the boards to the house, and what if any type of moisture control should i use here.
i am not going to put a roof on this porch so water will be able to hit this area.

Re: adding a porch to the house


Where do you live?

Whenever possible, its my preference to build the deck as a separate structure from the house with a gap in between. This is for a couple of reasons;

1- Termites can't jump the gap
2- Ants can't jump the gap
3- Water (rot) can't jump the gap
4- If the house shifts, the deck stays solid
5- If the deck shifts, the house stays solid
6- If you want to change the deck there is no interference from the house
7- The house can be restored to original with no damage.

tim the tool man
Re: adding a porch to the house

kansas city

how much of a space would you suggest??

Re: adding a porch to the house

Check your local building code before anything - and get a building permit.

If your house or porch "shifts" enough to affect the build, you have more problems than you know.

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