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Adding outletes

I have a lot of experience with home improvement but have never done any wiring. I would like to add outlets and some switches to existing circuits for a basement renovation.

I have started to do some reading and understand that a circuit is composed of a loop with the hot lead supplying power out to the devices and the neutral providing a return route (and the ground providing a secondary return to the neutral bus bar).

If I want to add an outlet, or several outlets in between two existing outlets, do I have to provide conductors out to and back from the new devices, or can I simply provide the hot, neutral and ground out to the new devices like a branch off the existing loop?

I hope this question is clear.

By the way, since this is my first electrical project, I will do all the conduit work (I'm in Chicago) and rough wiring, but will hire an electrician to do the finish work to check what I have done. Still, I would like to do it right from the first.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Adding outletes

First thing you need to do is put down on paper the circuits you are going to be adding. Do it on paper first. Then check with your electrician to find out if what you are going to do is correct. He should tell you without any charges for that. Basically, if you think of the power as a loop that has to go out and then return to the source, you should be fine. Make sure you cut the power off before doing anything. If you want to add several outlets to a circuit, make sure you are not adding too much for that one to handle. If you have a 20watt circuit breaker on a line and put several outlets that will draw 30watts, you will have trouble. Best to ask questions of someone that has the know how first to make sure you are not getting into something over your head, then let them see your work before you close it all up to make sure it is right. Wish I could come on over and talk with you as I have done wiring for many years and could instruct you in the way to go with it. Just be very careful as it will bite and it can cause fires if you do it wrong and go live with it. Hope this is some help.

Re: Adding outletes

You might consider picking up a book with illustrations which will help you along.

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