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adding new toilet

I Want To Add A Small Bathroom In My Basement, I Know Where The Pipe Runs Under The Floor, Real Close To Where I Want It To Be. Can I Use A Reguler Toilet, If I Dig Up Floor, Can I Just Tie Into Pipe With Plastic, Should I Put Trap In Pipe Before Toilet, To Help With Gases? What Is Best Way? John :)

Re: adding new toilet

No you don't need a trap.Regular toilets have traps built in.And yes,You should be able to tie into the drain with PVC.There are all kinds of adapters available to tie into whatever type of drain line that you have.

Re: adding new toilet

I would recommend you install a toilet and sewage pump. The pump will prevent back flow. If you tie directly into the soil pipe and there is any restriction or blockage in the line your basement toilet will become a rather nasty fountain.:eek:

Re: adding new toilet

what about a vent for the fixture. and are you "just" adding a toilet? not a sink to to wash your hands? or a shower, if you want to turn the basement into an apartment later?

you are already busting up the floor for the tie-in. make it worth it. i kinda of agree with the with the sewage pump, but it is a little expensive. but, so is a backed-up line for the city/county main. if your main tie-in is over 50' away, I wouldn't install one. you should have a cleanout outside your house and the toilet counts as a clean out as well.

but, don't forget the vent. think of a vent as a straw used for drinking your soda: if you put the straw in the soda and then put your thumb over the top of the straw, and then lift it out of the soda, the soda stays in the straw. if you take your thumb away the soda (or sewage) comes out of the straw (or pipe). Yes, there are vents on the sewer line above its location. and it will drain. slowly. and may develop problems. Good luck. Process of Elimination.

Re: adding new toilet

Call a plumber.:rolleyes:

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