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Adding a light to the end of a 4way switch circuit

Hello all, 

  I am currently wiring my detached garage. The garage is in the backyard about 12' from the house. There is a porch light attached to the house with a switch just inside the back door(Original.Gif). My current plan is to change the existing regular switch to a 3way switch, run a 14.3 cable from the switch box, down to under the house, out the side of the house and into the ground, over to the garage, up and into the wall, to a 4way switch and then another 14.3 cable to a second 3way switch(Planned.Gif). I would like to add a second light after the second 3way switch(Modified Plan.Gif).

My questions are 1) Will all three switches turn on/off Both lights? and 2) Is there something about this wiring that could be dangerous or against code?


Thak you in advance for your help.



Re: Adding a light to the end of a 4way switch circuit

Neither of you plans are to code. Current code requires  a neutral to switch location even if it is not used, so you would need 14-4 cable.

The planed drawing would work but because there is no neutral at the swtch locations it would not meet current code.

The modified plan  all switches would turn on and off the porch light only if the garage light has a good bulb. The hot goes to the neutral on the garage light and feeds through the light to the common on switch 2. There is no neutral to the garage light and no hot the switch 2. Both lights woud need to be connected to the common on switch one plus you actually need a common to the neutral on the garge lightt

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