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Adding insulation to walls behind cupboards

We live in a condo and when we purchased it last fall, we gutted the kitchen and put in new cupboards. It was warm at the time so we didn't realize that the wall was adjacent to our neighbors atrium and would get ice cold. My kitchen is freezing (we live in Michigan) and we would now like to add some insulation without removing the cupboards. I have read that sometimes it can be added from outside, but that is in our neighbors atrium. Is there another way to get insulation behind the cupboards without having to remove them?
Thank you.

Re: Adding insulation to walls behind cupboards

Being in a condo you may first want to check to make sure you are allowed to make such alterations but it should be fine. If you have someone give you a quote they can usually advise what options are available but they would probably need some kind of access from above to ensure the cavity fills properly.

- If a soffit is above the cupboards you can probably cut into that
- If you're really against taking any cupboards down, maybe cut a hole through the cupboards at the very top into the wall

Don't exclude insulating from the outside without talking to your neighbors first. If you have siding for example, the contractor may just need access to their property for a short while and shouldn't notice any difference when they're done.

Re: Adding insulation to walls behind cupboards

It sounds like retro-filling the wall with spray foam would be a good option for you. It's actually quite affordable and easy to insulate with slow rise foam kits, so you could install the foam yourself.

You simply put a clear plastic tube onto the end of the spray gun, then inject the foam into the wall through holes drilled in the center of each stud cavity at 3' above the ground, 6' above the ground, and as close to the ceiling as possible.

If you have enough space to drill holes around the cupboards you could insulate from inside you kitchen, and if not you can insulate from the atrium without having to take the drywall down.

Here's a video demonstrating the technique: http://www.sprayfoamkit.com/videos-a-how-tos/slow-rise-retrofilling

When are you planning on insulating?

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