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Adding insulation

We have 5" batts of fiberglass "spinsulation" in our attic, comes right up even to the joists. Our home was built 1972, guessing about R16 +/-. I'd like to add new rolls of R30 on top. However, the existing batts have kraft paper on the top and bottom. Does This mean it has two vapor barriers and I can't lay new insulation right over it or else I might trap moisture in there? Or is this just what insulation looks like and I can just lay new right over it? Any advice would soo greatly appreciated. Thanks.

christy in nj :)

Re: Adding insulation

Is the insul stapled down or just laid in there? If its just laid in it won't be much of a hassle to pull it up and add new unfaced insul below it then drop the old insul back in again.
You should have only one layer of vapor barrier...not two. thats the right way.
You could probably "get away with" covering it over but if it were me...I'd spend the extra cpl of hours and do it the right way....
Let you conscience be you guide...lol.

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