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Adding a door to our basement

We have a full basement without windows and doors. We are wanting to add a door but are unsure how. Anyone have any advice, tips, or a how to website that will be usefull? Thanks in advance.


Re: Adding a door to our basement


Welcome to the forum.

We'd need a bit more information;

1- Is this foundation all below grade?

2- What is the foundation made from?

3- Can you post a picture of the top of the foundation where it meets the floor joists?

Re: Adding a door to our basement

If you decide to have an an entry/exit door, I would strongly recommend you to consult with a SE (structural engineer). If the work is performed in the wrong location, or not performed properly and to current building standards, you will have nothing but nightmarish problems. Water intrusion being one of many major concerns.

Re: Adding a door to our basement

Installing door and windows to your basement is good idea because it will help in circulation of air and reduce the dampness of basement. It depends upon the material your basement. If your house is too old then it could be a difficult task. You better take advice from architect.

Re: Adding a door to our basement

it can be done, without issue the only questin is what is the grade like.. the least expensive and easiest is if the grade outside is within a few inches of the basement floor inside.. all thats required is cutting out the concrete to allow for the door and installing a flush header over top up in the floor system (mainly if the joists bear over top of where the door will be. if they run the oppposite direction you dont need a header

if you dont have the correct grade it will require some excavations along with installin retaining walls on either side and stairs

Re: Adding a door to our basement

Hmm I will only prefer you to call any architect for the perfect idea, as such kind of prediction is not possible without observing the site, it depends on many factors.

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