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Adding a door, mortise the hinge side jamb?

I am replacing an old aluminum window with a pretty new door. I have everything: door/hinges, door jamb set, shims, expanding foam, lock set (to be rekeyed), adjustable threshhold, and 50' of romex (just in case). do I need to mortise the hinges from the jamb, and if so, what is the easiest way?


Re: Adding a door, mortise the hinge side jamb?

I would mortise the jamb and door with a wood chisel. Not to hard to do. Another reason to buy a pre-hung door.
50' of romex for what?

A. Spruce
Re: Adding a door, mortise the hinge side jamb?

If you are fairly handy, you could mortise a door yourself, if you are not, then building a door frame and mortising it will be a monumental task. What I would recommend is to take the door to a door company and have them frame/set the hinges it for you, then all you have to do is set the door into the opening. Interior doors are easy, anyone can do it, exterior door installations require some skill, so again, if you're not an experienced DIY'r, hire some help.

An added note on an exterior door, replacing one slab for another is an easy proposition, building a frame, threshold, weather stripping, and butting the hinges from scratch is not something to be taken lightly. Get help.

Re: Adding a door, mortise the hinge side jamb?

I am actually very handy, and quite capapble DIYer. ed21: The romex is needed to reroute the electrical from under the exisitng window up and over the new door. I am using 50' so that I can just jump from box to box on the circuit. No splicing, so less chance of a future failure. I will be using a router to to mortice the door jamb, as the door is already pre-hinged. I also bought a door jamb kit, and all I will need to do is to line up the hinges with the jamb, mark and it. I bought the door jamb kit that has PVC on the bottom, to prevent wicking and premature rot. Since the top of the dimensions of the window are slightly wider than the door, I should not have too much structural issues, and will be using the window header for the door. I was afraid that I would not find a router yesterday, but my neigbor is allowing me to borrow his.

I am also very frugal as a single mom of 4, and bought a beautiful new $800 door for $45. Pre-hung is the way to go if you can afford it, but I have to pinch every penny, so that was out of the question.

By the way, I rewired my master bath to bring it to code, put in new floors and replaced the subfloor, flooring, and cabinets in my kids bathroom; replaced 20' of terra cotta pipe with brand new PVC, and am pouring a concrete path and doing the landscape. Oh, and I also work on my own car, too! (New MAF, O2, Valve covers, plugs, wires, evap system) :cool:

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