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Adding concrete step to existing stoop....

For an outbuilding-turning-into-a-studio with concrete floor, I have added sleeper floor of 2X4s over visqueen, with the joists then covered with plywood. This has (obviously) raised the floor, and the concrete stoop outside was lower than original floor, anyway.

I think the safest thing (and what some codes require?) is an initial riser that's as deep as the door is wide...which keeps people from tumbling out your front door and onto their face.

Can't quite achieve that here, but am adding a wide concrete step, at least, on top of what exists now.

MY QUESTION (and yes, I do have one) - -

1.) Will new step naturally adhere to existing concrete below (which is somewhat naturally pitted)


2.) Can I use any of pictured rebars to re-enforce it? How? Does it do anything at all to fill step halfway with thick concrete, lay bars in some pattern, and fill to top, then smooth? (I'm sure that just gave some perfectionists a heart attack. Sorry.)

Or, would you drill holes in existing concrete, stand shortened rebars in holes, then fill...hoping those would keep new step from drifting?

I'm realizing I hadn't quite thought this through, entirely : (

Will try to attach pic, as well...sometimes site doesn't let me...

Re: Adding concrete step to existing stoop....

I don't think you need rebars for such a small step. But if you want to use rebars, you need to use one long piece, not 10 small cut leftover pieces.

How to place the rebar: ideally the rebar should rest in the middle of the concrete, so put adobes under the rebar, to hold it in place while you pour.

Not sure? watch some youtube vids.

Re: Adding concrete step to existing stoop....

dj makes some good points, but nevertheless IMHO you should use the rebar you have pictured in the photo to prevent the new slab/step addition from "drifting", as you say in your post.

I would set the small pieces you have dispersed, vertically, after you have drilled down holes far enough so the tops of the rebar are covered at least an inch or so by the new concrete-----the horizontal rebar pieces, I would anchor in drilled holes in the existing slab at equidistant spacing.

There is a special masonry drill bit, HD/Lowe's, you would have to get, if you don't have one that should fit most hand drills, and is used especially for this type of job; try to use a "heavy duty" hand drill that has a "hammer-drill" setting (some hand drills have it, some don't); the stores mentioned also rent out a larger hammer drill with a masonry fitting, that will drill the holes very quickly, but I don't think you will need it for this particular job; you can always cut the vertical rebar pieces shorter if the hand drill gives you problems getting down to the needed depths.

Another method for the 3 long pieces of rebar would be to drill vertical 3" holes on the back concrete ledge at spaced intervals and place the rebar in & BEND the rebar forward until each of the 3 pieces are horizontal to the present concrete step; drilling a hole & placing the short vertical rebar pieces close enough to the bent long rebar pieces so that you can tie them together with wire (any wire would do--copper, steel, etc.) would reinforce the holding strength of the rebar anchor system once the concrete cures.

Freshly mixed concrete is as heavy as liquid lead, make sure you support the wood forms with plenty of 2 x 4's fastened to the vertical form boards, and staked to the ground on the other end; get some help with moving the dry sacks of ready-mix concrete you might buy at HD/Lowe's; they each weigh 60-80 lbs.

I live in a frost-heave area in New England where we have major problems with the winter temps freezing & heaving the soil & any concrete steps attached to it; if you live in California, you may not experience such heaving.

Re: Adding concrete step to existing stoop....

You guys are the best! I realized after doing a search on rebar that they're a much more complicated application than I thought, using a lot of calculations as to how they overlap and are wired together and supported, etc! Good golly.

Thank you for your careful answers : )

I have a cement drill bit, and I can do this modified version! (famous last words)

<< if you want to use rebars, you need to use one long piece, not 10 small cut leftover pieces. >>

This is the funniest reply I've received here, in context. I was thinking last night, "You know, these people are professionals. You can't just dump some scrap metal in front of them and expect them to take it seriously!!!"

Re: Adding concrete step to existing stoop....


Visit here often and you'll laugh a lot (part because what good, honest folks ask, part because our wit).

Re: Adding concrete step to existing stoop....

Cookie, another consideration. If you are going to have your studio open to the public a ramp may be a required solution. Not to mention the size of the door. ADA requirements can add a lot of additional upgrades.


Re: Adding concrete step to existing stoop....

Thank you...but it is just a personal studio behind the house, to write in. Was once a large shed....is being insulated, etc....but am doing floor and stoop first. Have already had rewiring done. Will not be open to the public : )

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