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Adding Charm To A Cookie-Cutter House

We just LOVE TOH! But the fact remains that the home we bought in Colorado is not old at all...it's rather new, in fact. Built in 1998. Reality is it's a total cookie cutter that lacks any sort of charm. Nice neighborhood, great area, but total suburbia all the way. Any suggestions on how we might charm-up a cookie cutter? We'd love to make our home really special with custom touches (both interior and exterior). We have the usual modern touches like built in niches (complete dust collector), halfway-up-from-the-floor-walls, vaulted ceilings (with POPCORN!). The exterior is simple and plain.

Re: Adding Charm To A Cookie-Cutter House

Without seeing a picture, I would suggest putting pizzazz to the entry door with color. I have a white house,130 yr old. with dark green shutters and my girls are telling me to make the white front doors plum.

Landscaping would be another boon to make yours unique.

Does your garage doors face the road? Willing to put in special garage doors? Many options there. You could even go with cedar and match the front door with the garage doors?

Special lighting goes a long ways too. I love up lighting on the sides of houses to highlight features.

Re: Adding Charm To A Cookie-Cutter House

Small details can make all the difference in the world, and can be relatively cheap and easy. Nicer fixtures (inside and out, lights and plumbing both) are my first approach. Plants work indoors and out if you maintain them. Multi-colored paint schemes beat white-on-white or the usual off-white variations of that. Accessories like rugs and doormats add snazz and can be swapped out as they wear or you want a different style. Applied moldings tastefully done add a lot in the right places, 'shadow boxes', shutter "S" holds, bird-baths, hardscaping, planter boxes to define spaces, nicer door and window hardware (leversets instead of knobs on publicly-seen doors) will all add charm. The best part is that all of this is simple, easy, cheap, and easy to DIY over time so that you don't blow the budget doing it all at once. Stop short of 'gaudy' and you'll have the nicest house in the neighborhood- even if all the others look the same yours will not!


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