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Adding a bathroom fan

I recently bought a house with no fan in the bathroom; as a result there is alot of moisture. The only light is over the vanity and my question is do I piggyback off of that or what do I do to get power to it? I don't want to cause a problem with the electrical so thought I should ask before even starting this project.
Thanks, Bryan

Re: Adding a bathroom fan


It mostly depends on what the draw of your bathroom fan is. If the amperage is minimal you could probably come off of your light for power and be fine. Another thing to consider is how many other things are on that circuit (how many bulbs and how much they draw as well) and the amperage rating of the breaker for that circuit. If you put the fan in and it's going to be too many amps drawing on that circuit not only will you be tripping the breaker constantly but you run the risk of overheating wiring. Now the question is, do you want to have a separate switch for the fan? If so you will end up running wiring down from the attic, putting in a 2 gang box in place of the single that's there and adding another switch (not really that hard especially if you use a box designed for old work, just be careful of your drywall when removing the old box or you'll be visiting that section for patching tips!). My suggestion for coming off of the power to your light if that's what you end up doing would be to get into that circuit in the attic, add a junction box (for safety and code) and splice in there. Make sure you don't have any wires in the attic that are not in the junction box when you're done. One last thing.....don't forget to turn off the breaker to that circuit!! :)


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