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Adding attic Insulation

Good Morning: I am a 1st timer with a question about attic Insulation. I have recently purchased an older house with 6" of fiberglass insulation bats in between the joists. This insulation is covered with pine floor boards that have gaps between each board.
Question - I want to add another layer of insulation(12")over the top, will the boards act as a vapor barrier of a sort and do I need to take up the flooring? After adding the insulation, I have no intention to used the attic for storage. In addition to the added insulation, I have already added a foam stair cover (purchased from HD)to cut down on heat loss from below and vapor penetration - there was some frost build up on the roofing nails and condensation on the plywood. Many Thanks,

Re: Adding attic Insulation

No .... the pine boards won't do anything as a vapor barrier.

If you don't wish to pull up the floor of the attic that's fine ... just put the insulation down over the floor of the attic..... Do not put plastic down first that will trap moisture coming from below which will create problems between the floor of the attic and the ceiling of the room below.

Hope this helps.:)

Re: Adding attic Insulation

You can also lay the insulation at 90 degrees to the existing insulation. This will help close in any gaps between your existing batts.

Re: Adding attic Insulation

Do you know how much insulation may be missing under the boards.the added bating will help but if there is missing sections you may need more. Find someone with a thermal infrared camera and have a quick look. Its worth the 100 bucks or so You will be suprised.

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