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Jerry Crosby
Adding additional insulation to an old house
Jerry Crosby

I've got a home built in 1961 with about 6" of rock wool insulation in the attic. Over the years the insulation has compressed and I'm loosing heat. My walls are more recently insulated, therefore my only concern is the attic.

I'd like to add more new insulation without removing the old. Does anyone have a suggestion. I'm considering blowing in some type of loose insulation.

Jerry Crosby

Re: Adding additional insulation to an old house

Blowing in the insulation is certainly the easiest way but it will tend to pack down over the years. Not a tremendous problem but something to think about. Rolling in batts is also not too difficult and will probably keep its shape longer.

When I did this type installation, I bought a 10' closet rod (wood) and screwed a spring clamp to the end. Then, I drilled a hole through the rod, down by the clamp and ran a piece of light chord through the hole. Something like curtain rod chord. I ran the chord through a hole in the spring clamp's handle and tied it off.

Now I could clip the end of the piece of insulation with the clamp, shove it all the way into the attic and when it was where I wanted it, I'd just pull the chord and it would open the clamp and let go of the insulation. Now I could pull the pole back and do it again with the next piece.

Good Luck.

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