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Add a Zone?

I posted a previous thread in insulation and received good feedback from member CANUK. However, I've hit EXTREME resistance
moving ahead with spray foam insulation in the garage ceiling in an attempt to regulate the cold bedrooms above. Sorry for the length of this question....For as many people supporting insulation to remedy, there have been as many telling me it's a waste to tear down what we have. It's been strongly recommended that I add a new heating zone to our ranch to resolve the cold half of our house.
I didn't consider my 1800 sqft ranch in need of two zones. We bought a new Trane forced air furnace about 5 years ago. Liked the company we worked with, but wouldn't they have assessed zones when they were selling us this pricey system? At that time we moved the thermostat from the living room (on the east side of the house) to the center of the house in the hallway (middle of the house with the furnace directly below in the basement).
We installed a wood burning stove (fireplace insert) in the living room to conserve gas usage (and enjoy a fire).
I ran around the house this morning when the furnace heat was on and half the house (east side) had heat coming out of the vents. Nice. The west side of the house (over the unfinished portion of the basement and garage) had cold or cool air blowing. I thought, the ducts are cold, thus cooling the heated air as it moves into the bedroom area. I'm afraid if we add a zone to this area, the heat will ALWAYS be on and our bills will go skyrocketing. I'm going to call the professionals on this to inquire, but have to ask an unbiased group, not trying to sell me something I don't need or won't resolve the problem. Is adding Zone a legitimate consideration? We do shut the vents in some comfortable rooms to help redirect heat, but it doesn't seem to work. If the ducts were clogged, nothing would blow out, right? This is making me crazy. Thanks for any help.

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