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Add upstairs bathroom to 1907 house

Since I only have one bathroom I really could use one upstairs but I'm not sure how much trouble or cost it would be to add one. We have a 7 ft ceiling in a 10 by 10 (aprox) room so I thought it might make a good bathroom. It also has an attic over the room. My downstairs has 9 ft ceilings so I thought there might be enough room for drains etc. Any advice would be welcomed. It seems like such a big project:confused:! Thanks, Mamafly

Re: Add upstairs bathroom to 1907 house

You are certainly right about that it is a very big project. If you remember from the East Boston project that This Old House did not too long ago they had to run a new vent and they had to run new waste lines. So it can be a very messy and nasty job. You didn't mention if you have a basement. If you do it is much easier in many ways to put a bathroom in the basement rather than to run waste lines all the way through your house. You might be thinking well if I have the bathroom in the attic then I will not need to tear up my basement floor. Maybe and maybe not it all depends on where your drain ends up in the basement. Either way this isn't a do it yourself job as if you don't do your drain work right you can have a sewage back-up.
If you do decide to still have your bathroom in your attic make sure your floor is level so that the toilet will not rock and your tub will drain properly. Let your plumber take care of your tub and you should be able to install the toilet and sink yourself. As for whether you should or should not have a new bathroom I think you certainly should especially in a large household. I know our basement bathroom has paid for itself many times over.
Just be careful in who you choose as a plumber and check that persons credentials out many times over. Also since this is a big job ask to see some finished projects and ask many questions. Since this is a big job make sure you only give your plumber as small a deposit as he will need and not any more than that and make sure he gets the proper permits. I wouldn't say you would necessarily need a general contractor but you certainly will need a roofer to flash around your new vent pipe especially if you have your bathroom in the attic,unless the plumber says he can do that for you. It all depends on how good your roof is and whether it will need replacing.
Another thing to think about is where your light switch is in relation to where you want your mirror and sink. Also consider the placement of electrical outlets and whether some will need to be removed as you can't hide a plug behind your tub.
I know all of that sounds rather discouraging but as long as you check everyone out very carefully you will be done in no time and you will be very happy with your new bathroom. Good Luck with your project!:)

Re: Add upstairs bathroom to 1907 house

You will need a general contractor or remodeling company. You will be required to bring the electric and plumbing for the bath room up to approved standards. It will require plumbing, electrical, dry wall, and tile if you decide to go that way. The best way to start is to ask for estamants from several companies, ask to see there work, check with the BBB. Depending on where you live (labor costs) and how fancy the bathroom is to be it will probably run from $5000 up.

Re: Add upstairs bathroom to 1907 house

:)Thanks guys for the repto my bathroom problem... and no i don't have a basement so no option there. Plus it would not be in the attic but on the second story. There is an attic over head. I added that info since I thought maybe I could use the attic over the shower to get more height or ventalation. The info about the electrical not being behind a tub is something I hadn't thought about and I do have an outlet in the area I pictured having maybe a claw foot tub.
So there is alot to think about and i will get someone from the So. Calif area to take a look at it.
Thanks again. This is really a neat site and I know i'll be back with more questions.
Thanks from Mamafly

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