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Add Stool & Apron to Drywall Return

All of the windows in our home have only a drywall return, not even a stool and apron. It's tract home so this was done for economy not design purposes. I would like to add a stool and apron only, not interested in adding any other molding and was wondering if I could just install the stool on top of the drywall. I've got about 1" of window frame above the drywall.

Re: Add Stool & Apron to Drywall Return

I don't see why not, if it's less that 1" thick.

Re: Add Stool & Apron to Drywall Return

ive done it, pretty simple, if you have 1" of the window frame to create a reveal go for it, you can use 1/2" stock as long as it doesnt extend out past the wall very far otherwise 3/4"

i use this detail when i trim icf constructed buildings as doing a full window box chews up far too much materail, normally looking at 8 to 10" jamb extensions. that a ton of mdf on homes and buildings that can have 30 plus windows

Re: Add Stool & Apron to Drywall Return

It seems to me that with only 1 inch of the bottom of the window showing, if you don't remove the bottom drywall, you will only see about 1/4 inch of the window frame. I am not sure that that will not look a little odd? Admittedly, most window treatments would cover that edge anyway.

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