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Add pedestal to wall-mount sink?

I have a wall-mounted sink in the bathroom that is perfectly fine, but the pipes are obvious underneath and I'd like to disguise them. The room isn't really large enough to include a vanity, although I suppose a small one could be shoved underneath. Is it possible to get a pedestal base (without a bowl) and use it as a sort of cover? How stable would it be just standing up against the wall, or do these need to be attached to something?

Any and all ideas welcome.

A. Spruce
Re: Add pedestal to wall-mount sink?

It is possible that you could find a second hand pedestal to use, however it likely won't do what you want because your sink isn't set at the right height to accommodate the pedestal and the plumbing likely isn't set properly to be concealed adequately. The better option may be to either find a small cabinet that will work or to custom build a "cabinet" style pedestal so that neither the sink nor the plumbing must be moved or replaced. :cool:

Re: Add pedestal to wall-mount sink?

It doesn't sound like the pedestal idea will work. There are many small vanities on the market. You may need to spend the day shopping around for the right one. Check craigslist or even Salvation Army- sometimes there are such great buys there and you can refinish an older vanity and make it look new.
Good luck!

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Re: Add pedestal to wall-mount sink?

Thanks all. I decided to leave the pipes exposed and go with a retro look for the bathroom. Just a little polishing. Worked well! Otherwise I think I'd buy a small pedestal sink, but I like the old-fashioned atmosphere.

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