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add a fireplace to my basement.

Im in the process of studding up my basement(making a baby room and a man cave) I want to add a fireplace in my man cave/den. I will be putting in a LP one. I just have no knowledge in them at all, Ive been researching a bit. I just have alot of questions. curious if any of you guys are knowledgeable in this.

Re: add a fireplace to my basement.

The item to watch out for is the exhaust gases and how the vent needs to be run. That is usually a deal maker or breaker. Each stove manufacturer will have their own specifications. You'll need to do some homework.

Re: add a fireplace to my basement.

Do you have space to run the vent up and out?

Re: add a fireplace to my basement.

I have a vent-less LP gas fire place tha we have had for over 25 years. No problems but I do know some jurisdictions don't allow vent-less.


Re: add a fireplace to my basement.

I would recommend against a ventless fireplace in a basement. It maybe OK above ground if there is enough ventilation, but carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are both heavier than air, so even if there was ventilation in the basement, the CO and CO2 could still build up and suffocate anyone sitting down or lying down so that their head is below the ground level.

A vented fireplace could also be a problem as well as a lot of the vented ones cannot vent upward for the same reasons. They vent directly through the wall. The reason they don't vent upwards is that they are so efficient that the gasses are not hot enough to rise. Some are so efficient that they can vent down into the sewer. Not sure if this is a good idea.

You will need to look at the various LP fire places available.

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