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Re: Add Cold Air Returns
Bob Gabrilson wrote:

We all agree (those who know) that the return should be sized larger than the supply. .1 static when sizing supply and .08 when sizing the return. I'm saying (my belief) is that air will take the path of the least resistance. That's why the dampers are in the supplies to balance were the supply will go. If there are enough returns and you add a 6 inch oval duct
(80 CFM? at best) what good is it really going to do? I would install a 14X6 transfer grille if possible. Cheaper and roughly 160 CFM.

Your statement has nothing to do with what the OP was asking, they asked if there was a way they could run duct in the wall, oval works.

Bob Gabrilson
Re: Add Cold Air Returns

Oval may be better than nothing, perhaps. But there are other (better) ways. My simple mind tells me that you have to get the air there first and foremost. I've seen plenty of 2-story homes (old gravity systems) with no returns to the second floor work beautifully.:)


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