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Rodney H
Re: A/Cunit freezes up
Irishmist wrote:

morcolt: Just up the road from you. I am sure you would agree that if this is a re-curring problem, i.e. "ours has done this many times," that it may very well be an indication of another, possible bigger problem.

If you consistently have to add refrigerant to the "sealed circuit" then chances are you have a leak somewhere in the system. This could be at the indoor coil, the outdoor coil, or anywhere else in that refrigeration circuit.

To your second point, a second unit for the upstairs is not the "end all - cure all" solution. With very good zoning controls available today, it is not necessary to install two separate systems. With a properly designed and installed zoning system, a single system can provide independent heating and cooling to two or more spaces.

All the best, Irishmist

I agree with this post very much. With our new modern zone controls, a single air conditioning unit, or heat pump, can handle an entire house, with no problems. We installed a new heat pump and furnace two years ago, in our 107 year old farm house. It works like a charm. When the upstairs calls for cool air, the dampers close the downstairs ducts automatically, and send all the cool air upstairs. If both areas call for cool air, both dampers remain open. If anyone wants low cooling costs in the summer, spend the extra money for a heat pump, ground source, or air source (we have an air source).

Stay cool this summer.


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