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Acid Free Paint

I'd like to paint shelves with acid free paint to protect quilts in case they come in contact with the wood.

I use acid free tissue paper between the folds of the quilt to keep from having fold marks - I planned on putting the tissue paper on the shelf as well - BUT eventually the acid from the wood would go through the tissue paper -

What paint do you recommend?


Re: Acid Free Paint

I would suggest you get acid free mat board to line the shelves.

I haven't heard of acid free paint. I've heard of low Volatile Organic Compounds but I don't know about the acid compounds in those.

Think about it though, old blanket chests were raw wood inside. Linen presses were too. Those are still around and still used with great success. Why not just go cedar lined and use the mat board for an extra layer of protection or get a "wedding dress" box from a dry cleaners.

Re: Acid Free Paint

I like the idea of the acid free mat board

The wedding dress boxes would be a good idea but I have too many quilts and I'd like to be able to see them in the cabinet.

I've heard that cedar and raw wood are not good for the fabric - the wood has oils etc that it gives off causing discoloration of the fabric -

thanks for the mat tip - but if anyone knows of acid free paint or varnish I'd rather go that route - thanks

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