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Accumulation in Aerator

Small white flakes keep accumulating in my kitchen faucet aerator. I have to clean it out once a week or else the flow rate is significantly decreased. I have city water, so I wouldn't think minerals would be a problem. Does anyone have any clue what it might be, or at least how to keep the deposits from clogging my aerator?


Re: Accumulation in Aerator

Thanks for all the suggestions. The white bits float in water, and they're about half a millimeter large. None of the other faucets in my house seem slow, but I'll have to check their aerators to see for sure.

Re: Accumulation in Aerator

Some newer homes have problems like this when the plumber installed PVC/CPVC and cuts were made with a saw, then they left the debris in the pipe. If the white stuff looks like PVC saw shavings then you might find it causing a host of problems in all the pressure-side fixtures. If this is your case(and you feel up to the task)I'd reccomend flushing at all service valves with the supply tubes disconected, then removing the valve cartridges and cleaning the fixture with compressed air.

I've found over a coffee cup of this PVC crud in a single home's pipes after I was called in to fix a faucet that wouldn't shut off in a nearly new home. The buiulder was giving the homeowner a run-around and said his plumber was just too busy to call in over a slowly dripping faucet. I gave the remnants to the homeowner with my bill and told them to show their nice custom builder just what he'd left for them. I wish I knew how that turned out but I moved from that area shortly after that.


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