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A/C & Heat Exchanger

I was told my two year old Heil A/c unit is not compatible with any new heat exchangers. I need a new exchanger I was told but do not see the logic for the new A/C unit. Am I being taken?

Re: A/C & Heat Exchanger

Curious .... what reason were you given?

Re: A/C & Heat Exchanger

I'm not sure of your question canuk first off I'm not sure what is going on. The guy today said the exchanger is leaking so I'll have to take his word on it. If the exchanger is to be replaced I was told the A/C unit would have to be changed too for what reason I don't know. I feel very lost on this one since I do most of my own home repairs as it is. I will have to research all I can to understand A/C units i guess. Oh I just found out that they no longer use Freon now its Puron

Re: A/C & Heat Exchanger

DON'T do anything yet . Get a better explanation from the contractor for replacing the A/C unit . If none of the HVAC guys here come to your rescue , try this site .


Re: A/C & Heat Exchanger

Kmann: Please don't take this personally, but your post enables me to make a point.

Your mention of doing 'a lot of your own repairs, etc.' gave me more than normal concern in that you apparently don't know the components of the system you have, or there is an absolute communication obstacle between you and the person who made the diagnosis.

IF, you are referring to the "exchanger" as in heat exchanger, as in furnace, then NO you do NOT have to replace the furnace in order to replace the air conditioning unit.

IF, you are referring to the "exchanger" as the indoor evaporator coil, then NO you do not HAVE to replace this in order to replace the outdoor unit; HOWEVER, you will not have a matched system and no efficiency will exist for it, so any indication of efficiency would be a guess.

If the latter is the case, then it would definitely be in your best interest for a variety of reasons to replace the indoor evaporator coil at the same time as the outdoor unit.

In order to advise you correctly, I have to know what the heck you are talking about. There are so many inconsistencies in what you have stated it is scary.

They STILL make R-22 (freon is only a tradename) and Puron is a trade name for R410-a the newer, replacement refrigerant for R-22.

There are timelines for the phase out of R-22 on the immediate horizon, but as we speak it is still available. I recommend to my customers that they install 410-a systems to be ahead of the curve.

Give me more information.

If YOU don't even understand what you were told, it is even harder for me to when I can only speculate on what the problem is.

The short version? Yeah, if I am understanding you correctly, you are being fed a line of B.S. about the industry in general and your system specifically.

All the best, Irishmist

p.s. HVAC is not something you can pick up over a weekend of 'on-line' study or trial and error. It is a profession (as in professional) and requires both classroom and field instruction as well as continuing education. In most states licensing is required and working with refrigerants requires a certification.

Re: A/C & Heat Exchanger

Ok Irishmist. What you stated is for the most part correct. I do not have a license. I have been remodeling homes for 20 years now BUT I only do older homes no newer then 1920. These homes never had central air. So don't put me down because I have my experience in old homes only. I would also like you to know I worked for Kramer Trenton building commercial A/C units. Also I was a millwright working for Wenczel Tile as well as B&B Industrial in Burlington NJ. I am also a retired Engineer in the Geodedic Survey field. If you feel you would like to go head to head on other topics let me know. Also I am a x Marine> Seper Fi

Re: A/C & Heat Exchanger

Kmann: Don't get your back up. ;) My post wasn't intended to be a 'challenge.' Ironically, you say my post for the most part is correct, but in the same breath, you want to roll out your resume' for me.

My observations and questions were based no more and no less on your post and the information (or lack thereof) contained therein.

It would seem that not much was clarified by way of my requests for clarification. As the father of a former Marine (there are no ex-Marines), I thank you for your service.

I guess I will try again to get clarification on which part of this system are you inquiring? The evaporator coil?

Having performed more HVAC system designs and installs in 'turn of the century' homes than I care to remember, I know there are specific challenges to incorporating a modern HVAC system into a structure that you do not want to adversely affect the architectural integrity.

Now, you want to try again on the clarification. If not, fine; we'll move on.

All the best, Irishmist

Re: A/C & Heat Exchanger

Hi Irishmist. Sorry about getting "my back up" but I do take most things personal> I do have a very good resume, care to chat about Geodetic Survey? Any way thank you so much for your help. It turned out to be on the heat exchanger the wires were not hooked up right. I have no leak and my condenser does not need to be replaced. The second contractor that came out and told me I needed a hole new system will be reported to my association. The only reason I say ex-Marine is I have found people to believe I am still in if I say I'm a Marine. Sempr Fi.

Re: A/C & Heat Exchanger

Kmann, I still don't know what component of your system you were originally referring to, but that seems to be a moot issue at this point. Glad we can draw this discussion to a close.

"Former Marine" and "ex Marine" have two different connotations to the general public. You will ALWAYS be a Marine, just inactive.

All the best, Irishmist

p.s. for the record, there are no 'wires' that connect to your heat exchanger.

Re: A/C & Heat Exchanger

Thank you for your service.
I am not so sure your problem has been resolved, there are no wires to a heat exchanger, it is not an electrically operated component, nor is an evaporator coil.
How a 'leak in a heat exchanger' and a sudden mis-wire (always a red flag for me, when a system thats worked for years is now mis-wired) could ever be confused is beyond me.
If the first contractor diagnosed a leak in the evaporator coil, and charged your system, then recomended replacing the coil and the outdoor unit with an R-410 system, this may well have been solid work, and sound advice.
Wires to your heat exchanger is total crap. Please figure out what your talking about before you try and make some contractors life hell, when he may well have been trying to do right by you.
I cant say for sure, because nothing you have posted makes any sense, but please get your crap in one sock before lodging a complaint, Marine.

Re: A/C & Heat Exchanger

Maybe the " wires " are for the combustion air fan or the ignitor . Just a guess . :confused:


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