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AC Condensation Drainage Outside

Hello Folks... I got a problem with the drainage from my AC outside. I am growing a swamp and have standing water on two sides of this system. I started digging a hole to make a drain system and want to ask about the rock I need. After digging my hole to a dimension of 3'X 4' and 1' deep I figure to put some rock down, then my drainage pipe and then landscape fabric to protect the system from the dirt.

The rock I got is called marble chip. I got several bags, enough to get around 6" deep. I looked at the other rock that Lowe's has and the marble chips were the lowest priced rock they had. Does it really make any difference if I use the marble chips verses using another type rock for my drainage? If you can answer I really would appreciate it. Blessings. Kevin

Re: AC Condensation Drainage Outside

Those should work fine. I think you have a good plan.

Re: AC Condensation Drainage Outside

Thank you for your reply. Kevin

Re: AC Condensation Drainage Outside

I have a problem with water pouring of my outside condensation line coming from my home. Someone suggested to me maybe this is the pressure relief valve needs to be replaced. Is that correct or should I have a plumber and or a/c person come to check this out? Thanks]

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