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A/C cold air return

Recently installed a new furnace and central A/C system. Should the cold air return work the same as if it were in heating mode? Seems as it would suck out the cold air being produced to cool?

Re: A/C cold air return

The HVAC return draws air from wherever it's located, usually hallways, not near registers. Your return sucks air the same way at cold mode or hot mode.

To illustrate: if the outside temp is 90, the hallway temp is 80 and your thermostat is set on 78, then your A/C unit has an easy job, to cool it down to 78, not from 90, but from 80. There is no energy waste.

Re: A/C cold air return

In the deep south where we use our AC 11 1/2 months a year, its more common to place the intake high as to catch the warmer ceiling air to be cooled.

In the frigid north its more common to place the intakes low as to catch the cold air at the floor for heating.

Re: A/C cold air return

Thanks, have a great day.

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