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A/C ceiling Registers dripping Condensation during Winter months

In 2007 we installed a new attic A/C system. This was a complete system replacement. New sealed and insulated distribution and duct work, new air handler, and new condenser and piping. The previous system,30 years old, had a number of problems. One of those problems was collection of mositure in the ductwork during the winter months. We took great pains in installing the new system to insure that it would not have the same problem. :eek:Much to our supprise, on a warm day when the temperature in the attic rises above freezing, condensation in the form of water will drip from our ceiling registers. The moisture also gets into the plaster and causes damage. Is there a way to solve this problem?

Re: A/C ceiling Registers dripping Condensation during Winter months

You may have convection which is moving warm room air through you unit via the return. the warm moist ir condenses on the cold metal areas
try this put a piece of cardboard in the return if you don't use it any way.You said its only ac. Block the air movement

Re: A/C ceiling Registers dripping Condensation during Winter months

Dripping and condensation forming on ceiling registers and diffusers happens in other homes and businesses across America.
You are NOT alone!
Metal is an excellent conductor of heat. When you first start your central A/C the cool air flows throughout your supply ducts and lastly passes through the Metal registers, AND possibly Metal register adapter boxes. (Also called transition boxes, and other names.) These are the components that your ceiling registers (diffusers) are attached to and the supply flex ducts or possibly metal ducts are attached to in your attic floor. If the adapter boxes in your home are metal it is compounding your condensation issues.
We suggest you replace your Metal diffusers and registers with HIGH QUALITY PLASTIC DIFFUSERS such as VERSATILE V-8 or VERSATILE V-10 Diffusers. These are currently available in 8"X8" AND 10"X10". 6"X6" will also be available soon thanks to consumer feedback.
The advantages of our UNITED STATES PATENTED DESIGNS are many:
1. Versatile diffusers are manufactured using ABS plastic which will NOT transfer heat like metal and ABS plastic is extremely durable.You actually can take one of our diffusers, drop it and it will not crack or dent.
2. Versatile diffusers are designed so the air exiting the diffusers and entering the room will actually flow ACROSS the ceiling and thus allowing the conditioned air to drop down the walls. This is the MOST efficient way to deliver the conditioned air. Typical registers and diffusers are designed to allow the air exiting the registers to drop straight down or at a slight angle. This does not take advantage of natural convection currents to produce even cooling within a space.If you have small children or elderly adults in your home typical registers are drafty feeling. You can place an infant's crib directly below the VERSATILE Diffusers and they will feel absolutely NO DRAFT, but yet the room will be comfortably cool!
3. Versatile Diffusers are fully assembled for use as a 3-WAY diffuser and can easily be converted to 2-WAY with the extra baffle supplied with each diffuser. If 4-WAY air flow is desired, the factory molded baffle can be easily removed using a utility knife.
4. Versatile Diffusers can quickly and easily be closed during the colder months without the use of a ladder. We supply an adapter knob with each diffuser that can simply be attached to a wooden dowel of any length needed to reach the ceiling. A few turns on the adjustment knob and it's closed until next cooling season! Yes, you will be able to do this while standing on the floor in EACH room. This is a positive shut off. This REDUCES HEATING BILLS!
5. Versatile diffusers are white to blend nicely with any ceiling or decor.
6. Versatile diffusers are easy to clean without the numerous nooks and crannies for dirt and dust to collect as with typical air delivery products.
7. Versatile diffusers will NOT rust.
8. Versatile diffusers are low cost, high performance, and have a luxurious appearance.
9. Versatile diffusers have NO sharp edges to injure your fingers and hands when installing, adjusting, opening, or closing them.
10. Versatile air delivery products are proudly 100% manufactured and assembled in the United States of America.

It is truly amazing how much ingenuity and value that is built into each Versatile Industries Inc. diffuser.

Getting back to the adapter, transition boxes, or the many other terms they are referred to across the country.
Advantages of Versatile Industries Inc. Adapter Boxes:[LIST=1]
1. Versatile adapter boxes are available to fit the most common size registers and diffusers. 6"X6", 8"X8", and 10"X10" are available.
2.Versatile adapter boxes are easily secured with nails or screws.
3.Versatile adapter boxes are manufactured using 100% high quality virgin plastic. They will NOT crack in colder climates!
4. Versatile adapter boxes are UNIVERSAL, so almost any appropriate sized register or diffuser can easily be installed.
5. Versatile adapter boxes have multiple molded necks (collars) to accommodate a variety of flex duct and round steel duct sizes.
6. Versatile Industries adapter boxes make installation simple!

We will be happy to supply you with additional details, pictures, pricing, etc.

Thank you.
John Jongebloed
Sales Manager
Versatile Industries, Inc.
PO BOX 7371
Wantagh, NY 11793
(516) 785-5218
[email protected]

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