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70 y/o floor and stairs

Hi all,
When we bought our 1939 house we were lucky - we salvaged our original narrow plank oak floors throughout the house. Some was covered by carpet, some open and redone 10 times...
We had everything sanded and done professionally on the main floor. The men did an amazing job. They also found same quality NEW flooring for the 25 y/o addition, sanded and stained it at the same time and you cannot tell the difference!
Now - we have left with the 2nd floor and stairs... Everything is original and does not look too bad except for stairs which I suspect at some point in time ware also covered by carpet (small holes here and there..)
We do not want to make a huge project out of it as on the 2nd floor is our bedroom and generally low traffic area. But we would like to freshen it up and preserve. What would you suggest for the floors, steps, trim? Can I cover them with a fresh coat of polyurethane? What type? What prep is needed.. etc...
Thank you very much.:confused::)

Re: 70 y/o floor and stairs

If your stairs don't look too bad, try Minwax hardwood floor revitalizer. Ask about it at the store, and read the directions to see if it'll work for you. I don't have experience with it. My floors and stairs needed extensive sanding before refinishing. The worst that could happen is that it doesn't do the job and you have to bite the bullet and sand. One piece of advice: if the holes on your stairs are small (as in, from staples or even trim nails), you may want to NOT fill them. Having filled the LARGE holes on my stairs, the filler is very noticable, despite having used woodglue and the sanding dust from the stairs themselves. The staple and trim nail holes that I didn't fill on my stairs are practically invisible. After all, you have a 70yo antique. You want it to look good, but really, a slightly distressed look is ok.

Re: 70 y/o floor and stairs

Thank you trail2home,
I will try this product and - I agree - the small old holes do give my floor an interesting slightly distressed look.

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