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60 amp service panel


we have a ranch style house with 60 amp service.
tje circuit breaker box has 4 circuit breakers . there is no main . nor is there on outside where the meter. can anyone tell me what i have . i am rewiring the whole house and putting in new recepticles.im not adding new ones , except gfic ones in kitchen and bath where needed. can not do service upgrade for couple years; but got wire for free. 12 gauge with ground. hope i can get a new 60 amp service box.

Re: 60 amp service panel

The picture of the box is a little dark but looks in bad shape.

But, if you don't have electric heating/cooling, an electric range or an electric water heater 60A may be enough.

Does your electric meter say it's only 60A? The minimum service these days is 100A. So..going to a larger service entrance panel may be possible without the expense of a new meter base and mast.

The maximum number of circuit breakers allowed if you don't have a main breaker is 6.


Re: 60 amp service panel

thank for the reply
yes we do have 60 amp service.only two wires coming from lateral.
indicating only 120 volts. no 240 as thhere is no nueteral. thh main wires are one red and one black coming into house.
the meter is made by sangamo. it says 240 volts,15 amps ,3 wire,single phase 3.0 kw. also this circuit breaker looks like one big breaker with 4 swithes. 60 amps is ok for now i got house from parents and like up grade add addtion. have gas heat and stove.but plan on up graing hvac .

thank you glenn

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