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6 inches of water in my crawl space

I'm in SE Virginia where we just had a massive storm yesterday and now there's about 6inches of water under my house. Any suggestions as to the quickest way to get it out of there? I don't have a sump pump installed and I'm not sure what to do.

Re: 6 inches of water in my crawl space

We had a very similar problem a yr and a half ago. I could NOT believe how much water was under our house. We only found it because all the walls and windows were streaming with moisture after heavy winter storms. What a mess. Here's what we did to resolve the problem:
* Fist we bought a pump, not expensive ($35 ??), laid it on two bricks within the floor of the crawl space, hooked it to a garden hose, ran it up through the hole in our access panel (in the back of a closet) through the house and into the bathroom tub to drain completely. Ok that was a pain but it worked thoroughly within a day or two!
* After all the water was out we had our grown sons go down and tear out ALL the insulation that had got wet.
* Once the entire area was dried aft a few days with a small fan running 24/7 down there, we treated all wood area with Ammonia. This included ALL of the wood floor, beams, studs, etc.
* Everyone wore plastic gloves and masks while doing this horribly gross work.
* With all that dried, new insulation was then put into place.
* Final step was to get an indoor/outdoor humidity/temperature guage. We placed the main part on our desk. The remote part was placed on a beam under the house, which will let us know how the moisture level is maintaining down in the shallow (18") crawl space. We've not had any troubles since.
Neighbors all bought into sump-pumps after hearing about our problems.
So far so good.. never want to have to contend with that again. Not sure I've been of any help. But perhaps you might benefit from the mess we found ourselves temporarily in.

Re: 6 inches of water in my crawl space

Thank yo for the advice! We bought a utility pump from sears and placed it in a 5 gallon bucket with holes that we drilled all around it to let the water in and keep any large debris out and keep it from sucking up dirt. It's been running for maybe 3 hours now and the level has gone down a tad. We ran a 50ft. garden hose from the pump to the drainage ditch/stream behind the house.
We will have to get down there and clean up after it dries out a bit and replace some old/missing insulation. I've read about people also placing de-humidifiers in their crawl spaces, I might consider this for the long term prevention of any moister problems (it gets horribly humid here in VA) as well as placing a sump pump system there for heavy rains and hurricane weather.

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