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57" Alcove Tub - Does It Exist?

We are remodeling the late 60's/early 70's bathroom in our 100year old home. The current shower/tub combo built-in was not original to the house and was added by a previous owner remodel. It is an odd 57" length. We want to replace it with an alcove tub and tile the surrounding 3 walls. The mega home improvement store tell us the only option is to buy a 54" tub and to build out the walls to make up for the 3 inches. The only wall we could cut into to expand to a standard 60" tub would require major replumbing that we want to avoid. We can't believe we are the first to encounter this dilemna. Does a 57" length alcove tub exist anywhere? We'd really prefer to not do a clawfoot/freestanding tub since that makes showering, its primary purpose as opposed to bathing, much more difficult.

Re: 57" Alcove Tub - Does It Exist?

I doubt it. Most tubs of this type are 60" However if they make 57" slipper/soaker tubs then I would guess you could find something that would fit.

have you searched the internet?

Re: 57" Alcove Tub - Does It Exist?

ShowerTown -

Don't know about the 57". But why don't you just use the 54" which was suggested by the Box Store.

You don't have to cut into the walls to do this.

Plus - since your replacing the tub - you are going to be opening up the walls. You have to properly seal it; probably put in new faucets, etc. You've stated your going to be tiling. That requires cement board or tilebacker or some such, plus hopefully a membrane (such as RedGard); or better. This just ensures a good job.

Since your going to be replacing the tub - what's the problem with having a 3" space (1.5 on two sides). This is easily dealt with using a shelf, which probably has to be built somewhat for the new tub anyways...

Your doing a quickie remodel - but you still have a lot of possibilities. You don't actually need a tub jammed into the space. We took a few hours and eventually a hydraulic jack from below to get a TIGHT, heavy tub out once... It was right against the actual wall studs on each side... and it had been drywalled and tiled up to the tub... Give yourself the 3" of installation room...

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