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50 year old REDBUD Tree

my neighbor has a 50 year old spectacular redbud tree that has four trunks coming from ground with the entire tree in a very organic curvy shape. it is lovely and enjoy it. the picture is before we put the fence in. two of four trunks come up over our fence and into our backyard. the other two remain on the tree's owners property. here is problem. hurricane irene has shifted the arm that is closest to the gargage in the image and we think it is going to crack off. i checked the base of tree and there is separation between this trunk and the others. it has broken the plastic fence we had specially made to work around the tree. we do now want to cut it by try and salvage it. right now we have a wood post underneith the brach in an angle that is against the way it is coming over.

should the wood post brace be straight up and down for better support or is the angle to make an upside down v more appropriate for counterbalance? any suggestions are apprectiated.

also, it is not a high tree but brances are very thick i fear when this does fall it will damage the garage. so want to try and create safe area without removing it. if it were dying from seperation at the base, wouldnt i be able to see with the leaves dying off? it is so far, healthy.

Re: 50 year old REDBUD Tree

Usually arborists would cable the opposite branches/trunks together. Probably would be best to hire one and have it done properly.

Re: 50 year old REDBUD Tree

The first thing to do is talk to your neighbor, it is his responsibility and he would be liable if it falls on your garage. And as Sombreuil_mongrel said cross cabling is the proper way.


Re: 50 year old REDBUD Tree

how is he liable? isint what comes over on my property my responsibility? so i should be cutting it down from where comes over fence since dangerous? i just love the tree and would rather save then destroy if at all possible?

Re: 50 year old REDBUD Tree

A 50 year old red bud is probably at the end of its lifespan. An arborist would likely cable it as mentioned or recommend removing at least that branch. Just because the leaves are still on the tree doesn't necessarily mean a lot.
I can guarantee that if nothing is done, it will come down eventually. Multi-stem trunks can often be weak and eventually break.
From experience I can say the tree won't look so beautiful when part of it is laying on your garage.

Re: 50 year old REDBUD Tree

Most likely, your neighbor is not responsible if the tree hits your garage, even if none of the tree came over your property line. But you can do what ever you like with any part of the tree that does come over the property line including trimming off those limbs or trunks.

It sounds like your neighbor is ok with whatever you plan so that solves any legal issues.

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