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Mr Schulz
50 % in energy savings?

A sale person came to my house and said that if I replaced all the windows in my house, I am guaranteed a 50% energy savings. The sounds too good to be true. I think the old statement is true, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. I live in Rochester, New York (don't know if it will help much).

Details of the window:

Triple pain
Low E
Krypton gas

Timothy Miller
Re: 50 % in energy savings?

Howdy, compute 50% savings compaired to thousands spent for new glass.... you will never recoup the $.
More over windows,even real great ones have real low R values way lowerthen the wall next to the window. Consider instead of adding insullation to attic if you want better return on investment. But the easiest way to save on heating and cooling is to seal the openings in the home with caulking and or weather stripping real little $ great outcomes. There are interior window films you can apply wich will really help keep heat in an out for about $6 per window check some aout at lowes...

Re: 50 % in energy savings?

The only way you're going to save 50% is if your present windows have broken and missing panes in them!

Re: 50 % in energy savings?

I probably had the same sales person over my house recently when receiving a quote for windows. They boast R40 windows and through the demonstrations of a heat lamp and various other window types I have to admit I was quite impressed.

Has anyone else heard of these windows or even installed this windows?

I am in CT and if anyone else is curious the website for the windows is http://www.peoplesproductswindows.com/.

I am anxious to hear what others think before I sign up for these very expensive windows.

Mr Schulz
Re: 50 % in energy savings?

The sales person did the same thing with the heat lamp. The sales person that came to my door is working for ultra energy savers, and they use a product from alside.

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