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4 Tips for living in a small space.

When we live in a crunched space the difficulty is in finding place for the items that we gather over time. Since my family is a big one with 4 sons and 3 daughters and my wife, and as we live in a small house in the outskirts of Toronto, there happens to be issue with space for all with the items gathered. The many sources of clutter that has been a guest in our place includes even books and magazines and hobby items and toys and other materials. The best way to make use of the cluttered space as mentioned by the junk removal in Toronto are:

  • Add an adjustable bookcase Using room dividers Improvise: There maybe unconventional uses we may find with the furnitures available in the cluttered space. Taking advantage of the unused space to merge the clutter and create more space is another idea.
  • Using storage bins: In cases where you find difficulty in finding space within your closet consider the idea of shelves and bins to store the sorted out items.
  • Capitalizing on Vertical Spaces: Making use of wall space is one of the best ways. Introducing a multi doored storage unit with drawers with the lower drawers that can act as stairs to reach the top ones is a good example.
  • Taking control and Reduce Clutter: Having a personal clutter emergency kit comprising of cleaning products, broom and dust pan, vacuum cleaner and garbage bags is a good option. After clearing the clutter it is a necessity to clean the newly exposed space. In cases where the junk is in large amount a waste disposal company can come in handy.

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