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4 column hip roof gazebo

I am working out the details for building a four column hip roof gazebo. I have gotten some advice here and there and thought I would post here as well. I am looking to build a 10 x 12 open air gazebo using the fiberglass/composite columns that HD and Lowes sells.

I am hoping to make it look something like this.

My concern is the stability of the columns holding up all that weight. They are rated very high but it seems it would be prone to sway and collapse in high winds which we have here at times.

This is what I am thinking for my stability. A 4ft hole and 1ft high footing and 8ft lally. This would give me 5ft of lally column in a 7ft column. Comments appreciated.

Re: 4 column hip roof gazebo

Your footing diagram looks fine. Your numbers don't add up. Redo them and post again.

Re: 4 column hip roof gazebo

I think the numbers add up but wasn't clear on how far down the lally is going.

4ft hole with a 1ft high footer which leaves 3ft to grade.

I was planning to pour the footing first and then add the sona tube which would be 3ft high. Center the lally column in the tube and on top of the footing. The lally is 8ft so that leaves 5ft above grade.

Re: 4 column hip roof gazebo

If you need style and comfort for your garden or your lawn, you can just get yourself a gazebo hut. It will serve as your perfect hideout during sunny days and will keep you warm on a rainy day.

Re: 4 column hip roof gazebo

i like what you want to do, but save yourself a ton of overthinking with your concrete piers. dont form up a footing then do the tube.

use what ive been using for 8 years, its all in one

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