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3 Weeks After Paver-Loc... Moss Returning

I'm kinda disgusted right now.

I spent a weekend power washing the snot out of my brick patio and removing a ton of moss between bricks and then installing paver-loc (polymeric sand). My hoped for goals was that it would
a) reduce the influx of weeds

b) reduce the moss.

What I'm disappointed about is that I'm already seeing the beginnings of returning moss.

Did I do something wrong?

Or is there some other 'treatment' I can use to slow down the return of this stuff?



Re: 3 Weeks After Paver-Loc... Moss Returning

Moss needs wetness to grow. Eliminate the source of dampness, and you'll get the upper hand fighting it. For quicker results try moss killers sold in stores on top of that. How do you eliminate dampness? depending on the location, it could mean removing shade, cut plants, improve grading to stop water from collecting in one area, and more.

For moss growing on roofs I use bleach from a garden sprayer. I'm sure it will work on pavers too.

Re: 3 Weeks After Paver-Loc... Moss Returning

Well, the moss is on a patio. It's growing in the grout between the pavers (where I placed paver-loc). I hoped the polymeric sand would be non-porous enough to prevent moss from taking hold. Clearly it's not.

I have some moss/algae cleaner I guess I'll apply.


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