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Re: 3-Way...ish Question

If they are 3-way switches one possibility is that half of one switch is bad, in that case the light would only be on if both switches are in the right position and off in all other configurations.

Good point, Jack.

Mighta had a problem with the circuit and simply replaced the wrong switch. The faulty one is still there.

Re: 3-Way...ish Question

If you find the switches are both three ways. A easy way for a layman to troubleshoot them if you do not know the theory how they operate is to remove both switches.Supply two new 3 way switches. clear all the wires. Take your tester and put one side to a ground the other side is used to touch each wire(3 wires in each box). Find the only wire that has full voltage. Take the wire with voltage and connected to the common terminal on the switch. Then take the other wires in that same box and connect one wire to each of the two terminals on the switch. then go to the other switch and find the energized wire in that box and terminate that to any terminate other than the common terminal. Go back to the other switch and turn the switch the other way. Go back and find the other hot wire and terminate that wire on the other terminal on the switch not marked common. The last wire should be terminated to the common terminal on the switch. your done. Good luck


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