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3 way wiring confusion

I am confused on a 3 way light setup.  Every diagram I have seen is slightly different than my situation.

Running multiple led lights under counters with 3 way switches on each side of the counter.

Power comes into one switch box 1, 14/3 runs from switch to light 1, then to light 2, then to light 3, then to switch box 2.

Please help.  As this is in kitchen, wiring was run before cabinets and all tile backsplash, so not easy to add any additional wiring.

Re: 3 way wiring confusion


Whom ever wire that, wired it without thinking the process thru. Your description is not clear as to what is connected. There are many different ways to wire 3-way switches to lights. Each switch has a traveler screw. That is the black screw on each switch. As far as wire color, this is where people that are not electricians cannot wrap their head around the process. It is normal practice to use the red wire to as the traveler. I do not like using a neutral as power, that can end up getting someone hurt. I have included a website address, as trying to explain everything would be a very long post.

With this diagram shown in the diagram. They are using the white as a power. That is allowed, but I would never do it that way. I would use a 3 wire to serve power over to the other switch, and cap off the wire that is not being used. If you do use the neutral as the power, tape the wire a different color all over it. Leave no white showing.


The traveler position on each switch is not shown well in the diagram, the traveler is the common, or black screw.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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