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3 second burst of cold water in the shower

I purchased a modular home. Ever since we moved in when taking  shower we get a burst of cold water during for about 3 seconds every so many minutes. here are the facts that I see at the moment.


1 we are on a well water system.

2 we have an eighty gallon water heater from the electric company.

3 the pressure tank was moved fron the garage to the home but still had the cold water issue before moved.

4 the pipes for the water line run side by side but are only connected to the inflow on the water heater. There is a T connected to the cold waterline for the pressur regulator tank. That shouldn't have anything to do for the burst of cold water in a hot shower.

I am trying to figure if the cold water line goes into the water heater  then to the hot  spigot might loose pressure when the water pump kicks on. Is it possible that there is a restrictor wsher in the hot water line that allows the cold water to overtake the hot water?the hot water is good and I don't think the electrodes are bad. The pressure in the system is ok just the 3 second burst of cold water every so many minutes. anyone have any suggestions for a remedy other than localized water heaters next to the showers. 

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