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24x24 garage

how do you lay out the wall to span 24 feet when the sill and top plates are only 16 feet long? Never built by myself before, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Re: 24x24 garage

rockfordredneck.....as in Rockford, Illinois?

If so, you're nearly a neighbor.

Kinda half lost as to your question. Do you mean you wish to build a wall that's 24' long, but your lumber is only 16' long? If so...not a problem, but before one of us takes time to explain how, could you confirm?

A. Spruce
Re: 24x24 garage

I know! I know!! But I'll wait for clarification! :p

Me thinks he's got a 24' wall and only 16' lumber. The answer is, frame the wall, breaking the plates across a stud. When you put on the collar tie (second 2x on the top of the wall ), you break the joints as far as possible, in this case I'd span a 16' 2x across the joint in the wall, then piece in the ends. And before you ask your next question, when you stand the walls up, one will but into the other. The collar tie also spans this intersection as well to tie the corners together. So, say the side walls butt into the end wall. The collar tie on the sides would overlap the end walls.

Re: 24x24 garage

Thanks for the help guys!! I live in Michigan Goldhiller, so we are almost neighboring states. Hopefully this will be my only snag. Thanks again.

Re: 24x24 garage

Being old and not as strong as I once was, I would (and did) build the 24' wall in two sections since it was easier for me to lift into place. I put the sheathing on before lifting so the weight was really an issue for me. After raising the wall, I put the top plates in place, staggering the seams and the corners on the intersecting walls to lock them into place.
Probably not as efficient as the pro's methods time-wise, but I could still stand and walk after the project! :)

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