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220v Wiring Help

I am having a new heating system installed which is going to include a new AC system that was not present before. I am also buying a new range which requires 220v. I only have space in the breaker box for 1 220v-30amp breaker. When I run the wiring for the emergency disconnect for the AC compressor, can I also piggy back off of that wiring and continue to the plug for the range? If so, what guage and type of wire would you recommend?

Re: 220v Wiring Help

I would recommend you have your service upgraded and a bigger service panel installed. You should have the range on it's own breaker.

Re: 220v Wiring Help

Most definately the range and the A/C unit will need to have their own breakers. Most A/C units will need a dedicated 30 amp service (minimum 10 AWG wire) and most ranges will need a dedicated 40 amp service (minimum 8 AWG wire). You cannot have both of these appliances on one circuit. If your main panel is 100 amp or larger, you can probably make space for the two new breakers by using some "slimline" breakers (basically replaces one standard single pole breaker with two single pole breakers). If your main panel is less than 100 amps, or if it is exactly 100 amps and you have a lot of other heavy power loads like a hot tub, pool pump, electric water heater, electric dryer, etc, you will likely need to have your service upgraded to at least 150 amps. If in doubt, consult with an electrician. They can do a load analysis and determine if an upgrade is necessary.

Re: 220v Wiring Help

Plan for the future and make that a 200 amp service. The labor will be the same, but you will be paying more for the material. Well worth it though...

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