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Re: 20 Amp Recessed Receptacle?
brrichter wrote:

Please let us know when you obtain an appliance or device that requires those 20 amp receps.

I suppose you thought you were being cute by posting that, but I already have need for at least some of them. I have a lot of high-end audio gear and an amplifier could easily use them, and I will be using more than one amplifier. I have been looking into getting two Marantz SA-15S2 amps which easily require 20 amp circuits. Same with the Bugera Btx36000 which requires 19 amps in its full glory, and some Crown amplifiers require 30 amp circuits, so I guess those receptacles won't be as "useless" as you think ;)

Re: 20 Amp Recessed Receptacle?

Most 15A & 20A receptacles have the same 0.31" or 0.32" metal contacts.

P & S (PT 26352W) does have a 20A spec grade receptacle w/ 0.036" contacts. But, even that is no great improvement.

I don't know why this is but you strike me as a person who will pursue this further. Please post the results if you do.


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