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2 prong polarized elec. plug - who sells?

I need to buy a 2 prong polarized replacement plug for my 2 wire 16 gauge outdoor extension cord.

Problem: The only 2 prong plugs I've found in the stores big enough for the extension cord have blades the same size instead of polarized (the neutral bigger than the hot). The receptacle on the other end of the cord has polarized slots. I want the proper plug to follow code and keep everything safe.

Which company sells the polarized two prong plug so I can order it?
It doesn't make any sense to throw away almost 50 feet of good cord. Thanks for your help.

Re: 2 prong polarized elec. plug - who sells?

While none of us like to throw away things in my opinion it would be a good idea to retire that extension cord. A 16 gauge extension cord that long could be a problem if you try to plug anything into it that draws even an average amount of amperage. Most tools will list in the instructions what size wire is needed for a certain length of extension cord. Most tools I have seen for 50' extensions were at least 14 gauge and many require 12 gauge. Also a new extension would have a ground wire that will make it much safer for outdoor use.

Re: 2 prong polarized elec. plug - who sells?

Where have you looked ? I would have thought it would be available from Lowe's or HD .

A. Spruce
Re: 2 prong polarized elec. plug - who sells?

If it's an absolute must to have a polarized replacement plug, and you can't find one at your local big box, then try an Ace Hardware or an electrical supply house.

I'm inclined to agree with Sabo about replacing with a heavier duty, three pronged cord. Regardless of what you're running, a heavier gauge cord will carry the current more efficiently (less heat build up in the cord and at the plug ends) to the tool being used, ultimately using less electricity. If you need a two pronged plug end, just buy an adapter for the new cord to go from three prongs to two. The adapter will be polarized.

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