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2 conductor woes

Lots of electronic failures in old house with 2 conductor wiring!
Do surge supressors not help on 2 conductor AC?
Have lost display on microwave, a laser printer, an answering machine and a digital clock so far.
Have a new service from the "pole" to the service head now,
House is old with lath and plaster, so running new romex is a bit problematic...


Re: 2 conductor woes

Surge suppressors MUST be grounded to work properly; the ground conductor is where they send those surges to! Even with all the costs and trouble, you really should rewire the place if you plan on keeping it from turning into a pile of ashes. And you'll have to do this to sell it as most banks no longer make mortgage loans on houses with old or ungrounded wiring. Old wiring circuits were never intended to carry the loads we give wiring today; back then a few lights, a radio, and a toaster was about all they were expected to see at the same time(if that much). Add there being no GFCI's in damp locations with ancient fuseboxes and you're heading for disaster at high speed. Most homeowner's insurance will reduce their rates when you do an up-to-date by-code rewire which will offset the cost in time. I know it's not what you wanted to hear but it's what you really need to do.


Re: 2 conductor woes

Yep .. pretty much as MC stated.
there may be some helpful information here or not : http://advice.thisoldhouse.com/showthread.php?t=1768

Re: 2 conductor woes

Besides the need for ground for surge suppressors almost all electronic equipment have some filtering built in which also require a good ground.

Re: 2 conductor woes

Like all have stated. You need a ground for a surge suppressor to work. I suspect in your home you can use a cold water pipe or drive a grounding rod. Check your local codes. Running romex is your best method over the knob and tube. Just be sure to take out the old know and tube as you go. Or the two conductor. Look at the bright side of all when you finish this project of updating your electrical your home will have increased value. One word of caution permits are pretty resionable--Be sure to get one. You can keep the signed off permit to document the upgrades. Good luck and dig in. If you can't do this on your own always contact a professional.

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