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Re: 1st home and steam heat

I am jealous!!!! :D Steam heat is the best you can have! Rads hold heat a long time & one old place I lived in had steam...your plants love it, your skin loves it...less colds because you don't have nasty dry forced air blowing all over the place.

Oh yes, lucky, lucky YOU!!!!!

Re: 1st home and steam heat

"Steam heat! The best heat you can get!" My uncle upon seeing my house for the first time.
(He was a maintenance man for many years. ) My house (a 1909 Foursquare) is very comfy in winter with thermo set at a MAX of 67 degrees. Any higher and you are sweating!

Re: 1st home and steam heat
mchema wrote:

there isn't too much paint on the rads... They all need a good cleaning... We where thinking of building rad boxes b/c we have dogs and the one liked to lay on heater vents. I don't really want her to try and lay on a rad... Much hotter than forced air vents... Plus, she has tried to jump on the one behind the couch when she realized there was warmth coming out of it.. LOL.. I tried to clean an vent and to be honest now that rad ticks at the vent... Sooo I'm thinking it's time to get new vents and fast b/c it getting cold in the evenings... and I want to sleep with the heat on with out tick tick, clank!

Paint them instead! They look much cleaner and nicer that way! When resurfacing our hardwood floors, we removed all of our radiators and gave them good scrub. After removing the dust/junk that built up over the years we hand painted them with a line of Rustolium paints made for hot steam radiators. They look great now!


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