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1970s (?) era Three Season Porch, Season-all

Hello! We have just bought a little place that has an older porch addition. I believe it's 70's era-it's the old style aluminium panels on the bottom, then slidable windows, then screens with a set of storm windows you can slide up to cover the screens. All of the windows and screens are Season-all brand. For the most part, it is in good condition and we want to keep it. Some of the panels are dented from people hitting them while mowing, and at some point, there was a light fixture in the ceiling which was removed (the wires are dead, we checked). We would like to replace the ceiling panels, but can't figure out how-they LOOK like drop ceiling panels, only larger (4' wide and run the depth of the porch, from the house to the walls of the porch), however they don't push up like drop panels. We tried pushing up and they didn't move. Also, on the outside, there are small holes which look like weep holes-and wasps are loving those. We would like to figure out if they ARE weep holes, and if not, caulk them. If they are, we would like to get above them and add screening to keep the wasps out.

Anyone have any ideas on where to find info on how this was put together, so we can take it partly apart to repair the above issues?

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