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1960's Cabinets - Did you Keep Yours? PICTURES!

We just had our offer on a home accepted.

The home was built in the late 60's. I can't do a full kitchen remodel but it definitely needs updating. The kitchen cabinets appear to be in excellent condition, esp. for the age and want to try to find a way to spruce them to be able to work with them. I plan on putting new appliances, black ones, new flooring, new hardware, paint, fixtures, solid surface countertops and possibly tiled backsplash.

Has anyone kept their old cabinets and refinished / painted them and just updating everything else? If so, any pictures would be greatly appreciated, and helpful.

Below is what I'm working with.

Thanks for any help!

Re: 1960's Cabinets - Did you Keep Yours? PICTURES!

Just give it a few years and it will all be back in style.

Re: 1960's Cabinets - Did you Keep Yours? PICTURES!

Thanks for the reply.

Is this board/forum fairly slow, or is it just that no one else refinished or worked with old cabinets, being the lack of replies. Am I the only person who's keeping old cabinets - please so it isn't soooo:eek:

Re: 1960's Cabinets - Did you Keep Yours? PICTURES!

I think your kitchen is very cool and from the photos it is in excellent shape. I would not do a thing.

I have done a paint out and changed tops on more than one kitchen but really like the grain and color of your cabinets.

As far as the rest? TOH has let the forums go and have left free rein for it to be run over by a few prolific spammers. They seem not to care, as it continues unabated.

Re: 1960's Cabinets - Did you Keep Yours? PICTURES!

NEC, thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.

That's sad:( about the forum - love the mag! Maybe they'll revamp and revitilize after the holidays:confused:

I so wish someone out there that has these cabinets and updated the other areas of their kitchen would see my post and post some pictures - I'm very visual and need to see what the possibilities are as I have no vision of my own on what could be with the right counter, flooring, paint, fixtures, etc.

Thanks again!!!

Re: 1960's Cabinets - Did you Keep Yours? PICTURES!

I hate refacing old cabinets but if someone in the family is a woodworker I would order new doors from Walzcraft. They can do just about any door style you would want. Those doors look like they are "lipped" over the faceframe. I'm guessing 3/4" plywood.

You relly need to be careful sizing doors before ordering.

I would ask yourself how long you are going to live with these cabinets and how much you want to spend updating your kitchen.

New tops,sink,faucet and appliances along with a paint job might extend the life of your kitchen without changing cabinets.

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